April 04, 2024

Klarna's AI Wins Big: 2.3M Chats, $40M Saved

This move is not only a testament to the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence but also underscores an inevitable shift towards AI-driven customer service solutions.

Klarna's bold adoption has yielded tangible results, including the handling of 2.3 million conversations, two-thirds of the company’s customer service chats, and simulating the workload of 700 full-time agents. Achieving customer satisfaction scores on par with human agents, the AI has impressively reduced repeat inquiries by 25%, expedited errand resolutions to under 2 minutes from 11, and is predicted to drive a $40 million increase in profits.

But while Klarna's strides are monumental, they also highlight a pivotal opportunity for businesses of all sizes to embrace AI. Enter CoSupport AI, a company dedicated to democratizing AI in customer support. CoSupport AI, while recognizing Klarna's achievements, contends that its specialized AI could deliver comparable, if not more cost-efficient, outcomes.

"Klarna's results are remarkable, indeed," says Roman Lutsyshyn, CEO of CoSupport AI.
"We've tailored our AI to be laser-focused on customer support. Our solution is not only more cost-efficient, but also scalable to the needs of smaller companies. It can be set up in weeks and at no cost, making elite customer support accessible to all."

Indeed, as AI continues to be an indispensable tool, CoSupport AI is making significant strides to ensure that the benefits of AI are not exclusive to industry giants. Their approach is to level the playing field, ensuring that companies, regardless of size, have access to the advanced tools needed to excel in customer support. With AI's absolute advantage in efficiency, availability, and now accessibility, thanks to providers like CoSupport AI, its integration into business operations is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Likely Costs of Implementing AI Solution for Customer Support Into Your Business

We have decided to analyze this case and estimate the cost of a similar solution for companies experiencing a comparable volume of customer support inquiries — handling 2.3 million conversations. Please consider these as approximate estimates intended to offer a general idea of potential costs.

Let's examine the key parameters and the investments they might necessitate, focusing on AI model customization and implementation, plus the monthly costs associated with using the API for the AI model. A primary factor that can reveal the true cost is the pricing model for OpenAI's tokens, which we can take as a baseline for our assumptions.

AI Model Customization and Implementation (Setup Fee)

Investments in a dedicated team of AI engineers and data scientists, integration into existing customer support systems, API creation, security, and UI adjustments for a seamless user experience.

Monthly costs of using the API for AI model

The cost of using the API for AI models like OpenAI's GPT is usually based on the volume of processed data or "tokens".

As we've mentioned, we aim to democratize the implementation of complex AI solutions for customer support across businesses of all sizes and financial capabilities. Your investment could be considerably less than you anticipate. Let's discuss this further.

Let's explore

How we can replicate Klarna's success and drive significant savings without the hefty price tag.

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