CoSupport™ AI is created by NLP Lab. We build cutting-edge AI solutions that drive business growth.

CoSupport AI is an AI tech company specializing in Natural Language Processing
CoSupport AI is an AI tech company specializing in Natural Language Processing

Our CoTeam

Roman Lutsyshyn

Roman L.
CEO, CoFounder

A dynamic innovator blending tech expertise with visionary leadership, propelling startups to unprecedented success.

Evgeny I.

Evgeny I.
Head of CoML

Leading expert in Machine Learning, driving innovation and harnessing AI's potential to redefine industry standards and optimize business outcomes.

Yevhenii Nesterenko

Yevhenii N.
Head of CoMarketing

Strategic marketing maestro at CoSupport, adept at crafting compelling narratives and amplifying brand presence in competitive landscapes.

Alex K.

Alex K.
Director of CoGrowth

The strategic mind fueling CoSupport's growth. With a sharp business acumen and a passion for innovation, he's our go-to for pioneering partnerships.

Daria Leshchenko

Daria L.
CoAdvisor, CoFounder

CEO of SupportYourApp and influential advisor at CoSupport. Recognized by Inc. as a top female founder, Daria combines unparalleled expertise with a passion for fostering client success and team leadership.

At NLPLab, we didn't just build a team; we embarked on a mission. Two years ago, we set out to revolutionize AI for Customer Support. Today, with our patented technology, we're not only poised to save the industry billions but also to create an unparalleled user experience that sets new standards.

– Roman L. CEO, NLPLab/CoSupport

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