May 16, 2024

CoSupport AI Wins at AI World Series Awards

On 8 May 2024, in Dubai (UAE), CoSupport AI was recognized as the leading company in the creation of AI products for text generation. More than 150 judges representing a global community of experts issued the award to the company that builds AI solutions on its own patented technology with a focus on customer support tasks.

The global award for genuine innovators

The AI World Series is the premier event celebrating global businesses that enhance their operations using AI.

The main idea of the award, as it’s stated on its official website, is to provide recognition for the innovative companies that create amazing products.

CoSupport AI’s team is proud to have earned a place on the winners' list, which is the result of more than three years of research, work, dedication, and improvements based on customers’ feedback.

The selection process and its criteria

The selection procedure of the AI World Series Award is based on the methodology that ensures the objectivity of judges’ attitudes and accurate scoring.

The scoring model is endorsed by the University of Westminster and has been certified by the Customer Institute. This model has been evolving constantly to reflect both parties — judges and contestants — interests and keep up with the fast-changing AI-driven solutions landscape.

To be considered an innovative company, CoSupport AI took part in a two-step assessment:

  • a 10-minutes video presentation highlighting the company’s approaches to the creation of AI-powered solutions and team's achievements in the field;
  • a practical case study showcasing the benefits of CoSupport AI products and their strong ability to deliver significant added value and robust ROI to businesses.

The final decision was made after more than 150 judges' independent assessments. The board of judges was presented by experts in the AI domain from all over the world, guided by the chairman, Professor Graham Shapiro — an award-winning British inventor, designer & digital entrepreneur. The board also included representatives of companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Toptal, Deloitte Digital, Uber, and others.

Behind the success: CoSupport AI’s award-winning products

Since CoSupport AI started its innovative journey, it has been developing three AI-driven products.

These products, in sum, ensure businesses with powerful capabilities for customer support that exceed customers' expectations due to flexible (on-demand) response automation and are based on data analysis initiated by prompts for a deep understanding of business processes.

CoSupport AI’s suite of AI solutions includes the following products:

  • CoSupport Agent — an AI assistant for customer support agents. The solution is based on the custom constellation of models that are trained within hours on previous correspondence with customers. It integrates into CRMs such as Zendesk or Freshdesk within minutes and functions as a web browser extension. The AI assistant provides quick, precise, and personalized response suggestions, leaving the final decision of the response content to a human agent. Due to the flexibility of automation, the CoSupport Agent not only slashes response resolution times but also provides a high level of empathy and rapport for higher customer satisfaction.
  • CoSupport Customer — an AI Copilot for up to 100% response automation. The solution is based on the LLM, with significant improvements in the AI-related architecture. In the product, the usual risks entailed by AI technologies, such as data leakage or jailbreaking, are mitigated to zero due to the set of measures. The data pipeline, which includes data encoding and storage, is on the CoSupport AI’s side. Each client is provided with a dedicated server.
  • CoSupport BI — an AI Copilot for simple data retrieval through prompts and insightful data analysis acceptable even for non-technical team members. CoSupport BI is based on the LLM, which ensures the solution's high context awareness. The solution provides quick and precise responses that are invaluable for decision-making throughout all company departments, including customer support, human resources, sales, and others.

The secret sauce of CoSupport AI products’ is a technology patented in the U.S. in January 2024. This unique approach to addressing customers’ messages to the different models depending on the message type allows the CoSupport Agent to provide responses three times faster compared to ChatGPT. Responses, at the same time, remain accurate and personalized, providing the high-end customer experience.

Life after winning the award: New horizons

As CoSupport CEO Roman Lutsyshyn notes, this award is a milestone; however, the team considers winning the award as the beginning of a longer journey towards more custom approaches and solutions.

“We appreciate the opportunity to take part in a competition because it’s an invaluable experience," says Roman. "We were elated by an opportunity to get feedback from the AI industry’s top experts, and, of course, we’re proud and thrilled to become a winner as a company that creates innovative solutions for text processing.
At the same time, customers are our primary reference. Thus, we’re continuing to improve our solutions towards higher security, cost-efficiency, and scalability.
Once we created the unique architecture that was patented by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we banked on custom approaches and the methodology that we call ‘the native AI.’ Under this term, we mean that our solutions are based on machine learning, our own neural networks, the processes of data encoding, decoding, fetching, and storing on which we take responsibility ourselves instead of relying on the more affordable but less flexible and secure off-the-shelf solutions.
In the near future, let our solutions tell more than my words.”

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