February 28, 2024

CoSupport™ AI’s Strategic Session: Second. Powerful. Charging.

CoSupport AI team
CoSupport™ AI team conducted the annual strategic session on January 30. It was the inspirational meeting for the team united under the brand CoSupport™ AI, which was reborn in the summer of 2023. As the company’s co-founder, Daria Leshchenko, says, the early days of a startup are rather romantic. Each teammate can communicate with anybody, including founders, and it’s the best time for taking advantage of sincerity and proactivity. That’s how it went in our strategic session. We were straightforward, full of enthusiasm, creative, and eager to set new ambitious goals.
CoSupport team is breanstorming

Analyzing Results

A retrospective glance at the path taken is the key to plans for the future. That’s why, after a number of welcome hugs and coffee cups, we empower ourselves with tables, graphs, and other tools that help you look extremely persuasive if you know how to operate with them in public.

Like most teams that have challenged the market, we’d rather see more progress after several months of hard work – just because it’s always not enough when it comes to achievements. Yet, we all were pleased to see that the curves of traffic, leads, and other metrics that characterize the company's positions on a business landscape came upward. Here are some figures for the last 6 months:

  • the number of visitors on the CoSupport™ AI site increased tenfold;
  • the number of leads doubled;
  • the engagement rate in social media increased by 1.5 times.

While contemplating marketing figures (“Not bad for a start, yet we have to shift gears!”), we were thinking of how many hours of our engineers’ work lie under these growth trends.

CoSupport AI's tech superheroes

The tech team is our heroes or even superheroes! Here are three directions our engineers streamlined their effort and succeeded:

  • building the new architecture for two of our products, CoSupport™ Customer (the full automation of customer support responses) and CoSupport™ BI (natural language processing tool for analyzing data through all business processes);
  • migrating a system to cloud services for higher reliability, improved performance, cost efficiency, and security enhancements.

The third milestone is our biggest pride for today and it’s worth special mentioning. In January, CoSupport™ AI CEO Roman Lutsyshyn got the patent for the unique approach to a multi-model message generation architecture! To put it simply, we use the technology that makes it possible to process different types of customer requests separately and involve different resources to deal with them. Such an approach helps considerably reduce the response time, and provide context-aware and personalized answers due to resource optimization.

Empowered with the technology patented by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), we’re ready to conquer the whole world! Ok, at least the AI world, which is the frontline of today’s global technical innovations.

Building Plans

At the beginning of the journey, many things are done intuitively and by inspiration. Besides intuition, there are advisors who know what's best to avoid, yet we still experiment extensively with what might be worth pursuing. When the first results are achieved, it’s time to approach both routine and strategic tasks in a more strict and structural way.

That’s why the team spent a fair amount of time outlining the paths and the milestones vital for product development and conquering the market.

CoSupport marketing&sales team

The marketing team’s plan quite predictably appeared to be concentrated around more solid positioning. It emphasized more energetic statements about the product's uniqueness and ability to comprehensively, at 360 degrees, solve tasks in customer support. As we’ve found out, we need to improve some basic tools to speed up. Hence, we’ve put the following tasks on the agenda:

  • to finalize our first promotional video (it’s already in production);
  • update the brand book for clearer communication of our core values, unique identity, and brand message to our customers and stakeholders;
  • to enrich our website with several new service pages that highlight the advantages of our initial products: CoSupport™ Agent, CoSupport™ Customer, and CoSupport™ BI (at the same time, we’ve come to the conclusion that we base our service not on separate AI products but on the comprehensive, well-rounded solution, and the number of features provided depends on clients’ requests).

Surely, we’ll continue presenting the company and its AI-powered products for customer support in the market, aiming to reach out to wider audiences – not only because it’s a kind of market “law” but because we see clearly how our patented technology can boost productivity in customer support and even change the vision of the customer service quality.

What was completely clear to us is that the team is pending the second patent for the technology of data preparation before the model training. The technology increases the quality of data that will be fed to the model; hence, our AI assistants give more relevant and precise answers to customers’ requests.

This advancement is not just a step forward; it's a leap towards setting a new benchmark in AI-driven customer support. With this patent, we're not only poised to elevate our service quality but also to redefine excellence in customer interactions. Our commitment to innovation is about to pay off, promising a future where every customer interaction is transformed into an opportunity for unparalleled satisfaction and loyalty.

Discussing Bottlenecks

Let’s agree that every company has the points of congestion in the workflow that need improvement. The most important effect of the strategic session is that we identified our bottlenecks and built plans to decrease their number.

During the discussion about possible inconsistencies in processes, we came to an interesting conclusion. As our designer noted, CoSupport AI’s tech team tends to analyze issues in a more structured way, while the marketing team contributes a touch of creative chaos. (As our CEO Roman Lutsushyn says from time to time during online meetings, “I will add structure while you will bring in unstructuredness.” ).

Guys, the brain consists of two hemispheres. One is responsible for logic, the other for creativity. Our team is just like the two hemispheres of a single thinking centre. In this lies our "special touch" and strength. (Nevertheless, the marketing team took on board the idea of greater structuredness while planning and analyzing.)

Enjoying Team Building

CoSupport AI’s co-founder Daria is convinced that strategic planning and team building work perfectly together. That’s why we improvise a lot during the session.

Here is what we did, expressed in a creative manner typical for our marketing department (after all, the author of this article is also part of the marketing team):

  • “Eccentric Artist.” We drew pictures symbolizing CoSupport AI and what it means for all the teammates. The complexity of visualizations and the variety of associations were enormous; the Impressionists would have been envious. From the epic mural on the CoSupport™ role in AI global development to simple and cute sketches, each picture was heartfelt and creative. This time, the technical team seemed to keep pace with the marketers in creativity.
  • “Time Machine.” We recorded short videos (next time, I’ll do the makeup) on “What I’d said to myself as a part of CoSopport™ AI team in a year.”We’ll watch these recordings in January 2025 and hope we’ll smile and tap each other on the shoulders, enjoying the thought that most of the team's expectations have come true.
  • “Thanksgiving Hour.” Should we wait for the special occasion to thank our teammates and team leaders for… by the way, for what? We spent more than an hour expressing our gratitude for different things, such as support in dealing with everyday tasks, dedication, mentorship, personal traits that are helpful in the pursuit of success, and creativity. (The marketing and technical teams were neck-and-neck at this point.) If there had been a piece of iceberg in the meeting room, it would have melted from each others’ warm and sincere words. And that’s how we work and communicate, really. Turns out we’re the real dream team!

Our co-founders invested time in team building, and it was a great idea! Today, we cherish the spirit of support and trust while dealing with everyday endeavours, and it helps us move forward quickly and confidently.


Reflecting on CoSupport™ AI's recent strategic session, we're fueled by innovation, ambition, and a strong sense of unity. Drawing inspiration from our startup's dynamic energy, we've set ambitious goals based on our achievements, including a patent that highlights our technological edge.

Our team's diversity and unity are our greatest strengths, driving us towards transforming AI and customer support. With a clear vision and collective effort, we're poised to make significant impacts in the tech world.

As we move forward, we're excited about the possibilities ahead, committed to leading with innovation and teamwork.

We're looking forward to our next equator strategic session in the summer, where we'll reflect on our progress and set new goals. We're confident that we'll have a lot to be proud of.

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