February 13, 2024

Enhancing Your Customer Support with CoSupport AI's Patented Technology

In January 2024, CoSupport™ AI, a leading AI-driven customer support solution provider, announced securing a U.S. patent for its innovative multi-model message generation architecture. This innovative technology, recognized by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), streamlines the creation of automated text messages, offering a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in customer service operations.

What This Patent Brings to Customer Support Teams

The patented technology is used in the existing AI solution for customer support — AI Assistant that provides human agents with personalized, precise, and context-aware responses within milliseconds. The patented architecture stands out for its unique method of differentiating customer inquiries, enabling the system to deliver swift, accurate, and contextually relevant responses. This approach categorizes requests into three groups:

  • simple queries that leverage existing knowledge bases for quick answers;
  • complex inquiries that engage advanced models for detailed responses;
  • technical issues that are processed separately to optimize resource use.

Roman Lutsyshyn, CEO and an inventor behind CoSupport™ AI's patent, expressed his pride in this achievement: "I'm thrilled to receive this acknowledgement after years of tireless effort. It's rewarding to witness how my contributions have enhanced business operations, thereby elevating the quality of customer service and increasing client satisfaction. My focus is firmly set on enhancing the effectiveness of CoSupport AI's solutions through the application of emerging innovations and by addressing technical issues informed by customer feedback"

What Business Will Get From This Advantage Patented AI Technology

Although AI solutions are technologically sophisticated, they differ in response speed and the accuracy of understanding context. Additionally, they frequently necessitate significant investments because of their complexity and the high computational resources they consume, which affects the affordability of AI-powered customer support. What sets CoSupport™ AI's patented technology apart is its ability to deliver high performance and security at a reasonable cost:

  • A quick response time. CoSupport™ Agent, an AI assistant based on the patented architecture, provides the response to the separate question within milliseconds (ChatGPT’s indicator is 2-3 seconds). CoSupport™ Agent responds to the request in a thread of messages within 5 seconds, while ChatGPT needs more than 15 seconds to respond.
  • High precision. CoSupport™ Agent is trained on datasets focused on a particular company’s products, services, and cases, in contrast to LLMs fed with a large amount of data, including generic information. Hence, an AI assistant “understands” the context of the conversations deeply and provides accurate answers.
  • Cost-effectiveness. LLMs require significant computational resources; hosting is also cost-demanding. In contrast, CoSupport™ AI’s small- to medium-sized models are less costly in terms of maintaining their operation. From the end users’ perspective, the pricing policy of such AI behemoths as OpenAI is complex due to architectural complexity and large-scale processes. In contrast, CoSupport™ AI offers a transparent and easily understandable pricing scheme: you pay once for the ready-to-use AI product.
  • Data security. CoSupport™ Agent is trained on clients’ proprietary data and doesn’t need interaction with external databases. Consequently, the data vulnerability potential is significantly lower compared to the architectures built on such LLMs as GPT-3.5. In addition, the model is trained on anonymized data; hence, the risk of personal data leakage is close to zero.

Daria Leshchenko, CoSupport™ AI’s cofounder and CEO of SupportYourApp, recognized as one of Inc.’s 2023 Female Founders 200, shared her thoughts on the future direction of the company: "Securing this patent marks merely the start of our thrilling venture. It motivates us to persist in the creation of AI solutions for customer support agents that capitalize on our distinct methodology. This patent goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it represents our commitment to our customers and our promise to continually innovate within the sphere of AI-enhanced customer support.

SuperCharge Your Customer Support

with CoSupport AI's Patented Technology

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