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A patented* AI solution for Zendesk significantly accelerates your agents' response time

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CoSupport AI

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Transform Your Zendesk Experience

  • Drafts are response-ready in your Zendesk.
  • Forget feverish knowledge base or SOP hunts.
  • Get response drafts in under a second!

80% faster ticket processing time

  • Precision, timeliness, and detail in every response.
  • CoSupport™ Agent delivers context-aware solutions fast.
  • Acts with speed and certainty, no coffee breaks needed.

68% increase for resolved Zendesk tickets

  • Improve average handle, response, and resolution times.
  • Delights customers with patented message architecture.
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction.

80% boosted team efficiency time

Our AI is More than Automation

AI helps automate the routine, for example, how Zendesk bot does it. However, primitive automation doesn’t require magic. Magic happens when systems and tools gain the ability to think and learn. We build AI solutions that are based on language models and machine learning. Our AI assistants’ performance improves each day due to constant feedback.


It’s our AI Copilot “brains.” CoSupport™ AI’s patented architecture includes a constellation of models for enhanced speed and efficiency.


Unlike typical chatbots, CoSupport™ Agent doesn’t follow simple rules and predefined algorithms. It’s able to find optimal responses, based on knowledge.


At every stage of a models’ “life,” they understand customers’ needs deeper. Wise reward&penalty system helps an AI assistant become “smarter.”

How CoSupport Agent for Zendesk works:

Custom model trained on your data for unmatched quality and trust.

Receive well-composed replies to customer requests, powered by the latest data.

Text markup tool highlight key information, structuring meanings visually.

Learns from every interaction, continually enhancing performance.

Enhance Ticket Processing in Zendesk with CoSupport™ Agent no-code plug-and-play AI solution for Customer Support teams. CoSupport™ Agent seamlessly integrates with your existing CRMs like Zendesk, without disrupting your workflow. It functions natively through the Browser Extension, putting your agents just one click away from the best replies to tickets.

Suggestion by CoSupport Agent:

Thank you for contacting us! We are sorry to hear about this. The appointment has been cancelled and the photographer will contact you to reschedule the photoshoot.
Kind regards

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AI Assistant for Zendesk, Customized and Trained on Your Customer Data

Empowering Agents with Auto-Suggestions and Historical Context for Precise Resolutions

With CoSupport™ Agent, it’s not your human agent’s work to study the client’s case to give the accurate and context-wise answer through Zendesk. Our AI-assistant will search for the relevant information from Zendesk and other available resources and prepare the draft for the response. It will take less time that you spent on reading this piece of text.

Seamless Transfer of Conversation Context and History to Human Agents

Any spare click! All the information vital for the accurate and relevant answer CoSupport™ Agent delivers to the agent’s workspace. There is no need in copy-pasting the response into Zendesk AI Chatbot. The agent’s task is to choose the best alternative provided by AI assistant and click the button to send the answer.

Contextual Recommendations Based on Up-to-Date Customer Data

With CoSupport™ Agent, entire customer history at your agents’ fingertips. Our AI models take into account the particular client’s history of communication with your customer support, your services peculiarities, and the nuances in your policies. Zendesk integration with our AI assistant provides deeply context-oriented and comprehensive answers.

Data Privacy Ensured Through Our Specialized Model:

Anonymized Data for Training:

Our architecture cleanses personal information, ensuring data used for model training is anonymized.

Unmatched Data Protection:

Data storage on dedicated servers guarantees the highest level of security.

Privacy Without Compromise:

Captures essential details while fully protecting privacy.

Seamless integration with your current CRM, even if it's not Zendesk

Feel free to mention it, and we will send you a demo showcasing how CoSupport Agent™ can be integrated with your existing CRM

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Patented AI Technology in our Products

Over the past three years, we have developed our own formula for high speed and accuracy of responses in customer support. Our system processes typical, merely “technical,” and complex queries, involving technologies, ideally relevant to the request. This way, we save time, computational resources, and costs. An AI assistant also provides precise answers due to the differentiation of tasks among different AI models within one architecture. In January 2024, the USPTO acknowledged our innovative approach by granting us a US patent.

Frequently asked questions

What are AI features for customer support?

AI mostly contributes to customer support by automating the routine and assisting human agents, as the Zendesk AI chatbot does, in particular.  Different tools offer different levels of automation. Here are a few examples of the most popular AI features embedded into the tools for customer support:

  • sentiment analysis – emotions assessment for obtaining subjective information from customer interactions;

  • intention analysis – categorization of the underlying intention behind a user's text, such as requesting information, expressing a complaint, or making a purchase;

  • automated ticket routing – assignment of incoming requests to the most appropriate agent or department based on factors like topic, urgency, customer history, and agent expertise;

  • personalization – support interaction adjustments based on a customer's history, preferences, and behavior.

How do chatbots provide workflow automation? Why CoSupport™ Agent is different?

There are several AI-powered tools for enhancing customer experience, including the most popular chatbots and virtual assistants. They contribute to workflow automation or provide assistance to human agents; however, not all of them are based on AI. Some of the chatbots are built on simpler approaches, such as straightforward algorithms, If-Else conditions, and keyword search. As for AI technologies, solutions for customer support are based on such AI-related technologies as:

  • language models;

  • machine learning;

  • reinforcement learning.

The ultimate goal of AI implementation in customer support is to provide quick, accurate, and personalized answers to customers’ requests. Answers can be provided either by an AI assistant or a human agent with an AI assistant’s support.

CoSupport™ Agent is a solution that provides the benefits of the synergy between response assisted automation by AI and a human in the loop. The solution integrates with the Zendesk AI chatbot and offers human agents response drafts containing relevant information, precise and context-aware. The solution works as a browser extension; it naturally integrates into the workflow and speeds up performance.

How data privacy and data security are guaranteed in CoSupport™ Agent?

One particular model in our architecture ensures data privacy: it cleans data from personal information before data becomes the source for our models' learning for further integration with Zendesk. The system obtains all the context it needs while data is anonymized. Data security is guaranteed by using a dedicated server for data storage.

How does CoSupport™ Agent for Zendesk work?

CoSupport™ Agent works as a browser extension. After the request is received, an agent gets the response draft in the same window. An agent chooses the best answer from two suggested items, edits the draft, or creates the response from scratch.

There are several advantages of such Zendesk chatbot integration:

  • With AI-crafted replies and insights, your agents resolve tickets faster, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Our custom model will train on your data, ensuring data security, superior quality, and trust.

  • You get composed detailed suggestion replies to any customer request based on the latest data.

  • Our text markup tool highlights crucial parts and visually structures meanings and intentions.

  • Our AI learns with every interaction, constantly evolving and improving.

As a result, tickets are processed 30-80% faster. The response time decreases considerably.

How can I implement CoSupport™ Agent? How much time does it take?

To get access to the AI assistant’s functionality, you should take the following actions:

  1. Data extraction for training models. Data is collected from the sources provided by a company. The primary source is Zendesk, and all information about customers it includes. Other sources are the knowledge base, documents describing products and services, policies, instructions, and guidelines for customer support agents. CoSupport™ Agent works with all types of textual information. We can also use call transcripts.

  2. Data anonymization. All data goes through a separate model that anonymizes it. Such personal characteristics as a name, credit card info, location (up to 16 types of data) will never serve as data for training our models.

  3. Model training. All materials are fed to models.

  4. Solution launch. Access to the admins and end users (human agents) is provided.

How much time Zendesk chatbot integration takes depends heavily on the amount of data for model training and handling organizational issues. The process can take from a few hours to a few days.

What data should a company provide for training a model?

Most of the data is taken from Zendesk. We use the following types of data derived from the CRM:

  • tickets (we need 1000+ tickets for training);

  • emails;

  • product reviews;

  • comments;

  • call transcripts.

Additional data are as follows:

  • SOPs;

  • articles from the knowledge base;

  • the content of internal and external websites, including FAQ;

  • policies;

  • step-by-step support instructions.

All documentation that your customer service agents use to handle their tasks is the relevant and workable data source for feeding the AI models. We work with all sorts of textual data in different formats, including PDF, Excel, Google Sheets, JSON, etc.

How much does it cost to integrate CoSupport Agent in Zendesk?

It’s hard to estimate Zendesk bot integration with AI because the amount of resources needed varies from project to project. However, one core issue can be stated definitely: the budget is based on the package subscription fee, unlike the budgets of using LLMs such as GPT, where you pay for tokens, and their amount can be unpredictable.

SuperCharge Your Customer Experience with CoSupport™ Agent for Zendesk

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